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We're Instructus Skills, you may also know us as Skills CFA.

Delivering Excellence in the Workplace

Our mission is simple: to continue being the UK's number one driver of excellence in business performance. We do this in two ways. We identify what is essential to bring out the best in business and we ensure that employees have all the required skills in order to excel in their careers.

We offer a range of products and programmes to employers, training providers, awarding organisations and other stakeholders interested in our activity to help employees fulfil their potential.


We are the leading pan-sector apprenticeship issuing authority for business-related apprenticeship frameworks. We provide apprenticeship frameworks suitable for 11 million employees across all sectors of the UK. Our apprenticeship frameworks provide on-the-job training coupled with structured, individual technical learning programmes which then lead on to nationally recognised qualifications.




Standards & Qualifications

We develop standards and qualifications which provide businesses with the tools to train their workforce providing them with additional, valuable skills. NOS help define the level of performance that individuals are required to achieve when carrying out specific functions in the workplace. We also ensure that employees are grounded in a proper knowledge and understanding of the tasks at hand. NOS promote industry best practice and have been developed by experts covering all industry sectors.